Shipping Policy


Shop online and have fresh farm eggs delivered to you.
EGGCELSIOR delivers to selected areas within Cebu City. Just choose your location and input your exact delivery address upon ordering. Only orders within our delivery area coverage will be acknowledged. See all branches below/Click the link to see all branches.

Customer Orders
  1. Delivery slots are subject to availability.
  2. Eggcelsior will attempt to deliver the products to your delivery address within the promised time frame but will NOT be liable for any delay caused by incorrect address and circumstances beyond our control such as but not limited to weather, traffic, transportation strike, and other unforeseen event/s. 
  3. Orders will require no minimum amount. Changes may apply without further notice. 
  4. Exceeding orders will be considered bulk or volume orders and will be treated separately by Eggcelsior. Our agents will reach out to you via email or SMS to get your confirmation.
Delivery Address
  1. Eggcelsior will endeavor to check the validity and accuracy of the delivery address registered on the site.
  2. In case said delivery address is not accessible, our staff will contact. As purchasers, you should provide the best alternative location and time to make sure you receive your order. Failure to take/accept our call will result in a failed delivery and may entail an additional delivery fee. 
  3. In case of a change in your delivery address and contact information, please edit your account information before placing your order or checking out. Please note that a change in delivery address is not possible once the order has been confirmed.
Cancellation, Returns & Refunds
  1. If you wish to cancel after the order has been placed, contact us immediately via our hotline. You have the right to cancel provided that staff has not yet accepted your order.
  2. Refunds are the sole discretion of Eggcelsior. Although an event may be canceled or rescheduled, Eggcelsior reserves the right to reschedule or delay a refund of any amount for legitimate reasons like determining the cause of cancelation or refund.